Technical Drainage Services

A drainage CCTV survey is used to confirm the condition of
drainage systems. This survey utilises CCTV crawler units to
collect video footage of the lines, which can be used to provide
a report detailing the condition of the lines, along with other
information relating to the drainage systems.

We utilise teams of fully-trained surveying operatives to
complete the site surveys. The team can provide a full-service including cleansing of the system prior to completing the site inspections and providing recommendations for any remedial works to bring the system up to full working capacity.

When combined with our underground utility surveys, a CCTV
drainage survey can be an important part of a complete survey
package, showing both drainage condition and underground
service locations.

Our Services

CCTV drainage inspections and reports
Drain clearing
Pest and root control
Waste removal
Integration of the results onto CAD drawings
Confined space entry and cleansing