Topographical Surveys

We utilise highly experienced teams of qualified utility surveyors with diverse industry backgrounds to complete our underground utility detection surveys. This allows us to provide a bespoke survey in all site environments to PAS128 standards.

PAS128 Survey Types:

Desktop utility records search (survey type D)

This survey type would be in the form of a report identifying all known utility owners and their assets within an area including a list of affected and non-affected providers, along with any plans, maps, and diagrams provided. The deliverable would be in the form of a pdf document containing all information.

Site reconnaissance (survey type C)

This survey is accompanied by a desktop utility report (survey type D). It will involve a site reconnaissance visit to identify features that may indicate the presence of a service such as; manholes, valves, utility markers, street furniture and historic excavation scars. The deliverable will be in the form of a records overlay onto an existing topographical survey or OS base plan.

Detection (survey type B)

This survey is accompanied by a desktop utility report (survey type D). The detection survey is a non-penetrative survey conducted using at least 2 geophysical survey techniques. A consultation with the client during the quotation phase will identify with methodology used to conduct the survey. The final deliverable will be in the form of an autoCAD file with a quality/confidence level assigned to all located services, and accompanied by a written report and photographic record.

Verification (survey type A)

This type of survey can complement a detection survey (survey type B). By visual inspection we can obtain further information to improve the confidence level and obtain additional information about a particular service. Visual inspection of a service can be via access points such as manhole / inspection chamber or by its excavation and exposure. For further details about confined space entre or utility excavation please contact us to discuss further.

Our Services

Full-site utility detection surveys
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) void detection/below-ground obstruction surveys
Virtual trial holes
Borehole clearance scans
Drainage connectivity surveys
Full integration of CCTV drainage surveys into AutoCAD drawings Deliverables
2D/3D AutoCAD drawings showing services in correct geospatial location
PDF of the drawings for ease of use for non-AutoCAD users
REVIT modelling of the services
Site Cross-Sections