Utility Verification

Following on from the non-invasive underground utility survey (PAS128 Level B), it is recommended that the detections are exposed and verified to bring the quality of the survey to Level A.

All teams have the certification, training and experience required to expose utility services. The aim is to provide a simple solution to the client to achieve a high level of confidence in the location of services on-site and remove/reduce the risk of service strikes during the construction phase of the works.

Our Services

Accurate, visible location of services with updated drawings and provision of trial hole report sheets.
Number and size of cables/pipes found in trace from non-invasive survey can be fully confirmed.
The condition of pipes and cables.
Identifying unidentified detections once service is exposed.
Hand-dug trial holes
Vacuum excavation
Virtual trial pits
Arranging traffic management and permits for the works
Waste disposal/Full reinstatement